In A Place Of Surrender And A Time To Wear Scarves

So much has happened in the past 5 months that I’ll have to write several blog posts to really share the wonderfullness of it all. It’s been perfect, challenging, and so fulfilling. I’ve found joy in serving and so many beautiful new friends!  HalleluYah completed the Discipleship Training School (DTS) for kiddos over the summer, and I have been working in the Youth With A Mission cafe/coffeeshop. I’ve been praying  about doing the DTS myself, and seeking God about our path in missions. We’re committed to a lifestyle of serving as missionaries full time. In the past I had been working hard, and for a long time, so it was a big change to go from the business world to serving without pay. It was a huge relief to be able to give in fellowship with others giving in the same capacity. Life wasn’t about profit suddenly, but relationship with God, and others. I knew my focus had to be on what God was speaking to HalleluYah and I, not on how to fund our new lifestyle. But every Sunday during church I would knit or crochet scarves with the desire to one day soon use them to bless others with handmade coziness, and raise money. So now we are just falling even more in love with this amazing opportunity to share in fellowship and share Love as our life missions! I will God willing be attending the January DTS, funded by a Pell grant through Ecclesia University. We have a few months in limbo until then because there is no room on the YWAM base to house us! We found a room at a Korean prayer retreat right next to the base. It’s on a beautiful 100+ acre property with Bible verse forest trails, a bonfire gathering area, community living rooms, a large kitchen, a prayer chapel, and cozy bedrooms. It’s such a peaceful place. The retreat rents out rooms for income between scheduled retreat times. We are in need of $100 more per month in order to rent our room! So I am offering my handmade scarves in exchange for donations. For donations of $10 and above. Please specify which scarf you’d like with the number next to the picture displayed below. I use PayPal and you can donate to or Include your info in the space provided by PayPal! I can also make custom scarves according to your color choices. Just message me. I will update y’all very soon with more details about the direction God is leading us in. God bless you and thank you for prayers and financial support!

#1: infinity chain in pink or black. Sparkly and lots of layers.

#2: infinity in chenille. crazy soft and luxurious! It can be worn loosely, wrapped twice, or down across the shoulders as a shrug. Available in cream, deep red, and black.

#3: soft taupe wool infinity cuff

#4: sparkly gold infinity with tassles

#5 modern colorblock wrap in cream & black, made with baby soft chenille 

#6: Dark Charcoal knitted infinity with sparkle crochet lace trim (my favorite! It is so lovely!) Can be worn in many different ways.

#7 Slouchy soft taupe wool hat with purple trim. Matches the taupe infinity! (#3)


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