Praying Around The World -Homeschooling And Missions

As I mentioned in my last post, HalleluYah had the opportunity over the summer to attend Discipleship Training School (DTS). It is called Family Sync because it is designed so that children of adults who are attending DTS learn the same things their parents are. The children have two very anointed teachers who are a married couple and truly exemplify Christ and relationship with a good God. Even though I was volunteering on base over the summer and not attending DTS quite yet, there was an exemotion made for HalleluYah to do this. It was one of the many confirmations that we were supposed to be here, as a friend prophesied over us just before we left for YWAM that HalleluYah *must* learn what I am learning. The whole idea behind DTS is to know God, and make Him known. HalleluYah’s teachers did not expect less of the children because of their youth. They listened to hear God’s voice. They learned to discern the works of the enemy, and rebuke them in Jesus’ name. They learned their identity as sons and daughters of the High King. They performed humble work duties just like everyone else, like cleaning toilets, scrubbing the white picket fence surrounding the ranch, and vacuuming. The children attended base prayer each Monday morning, which is when the whole base gathers together to listen to a need in the world, and pray about it collectively. One of these base prayers was life changing for HalleluYah. When the new school year started, it was this experience that showed me where she needed to be. My desire was to put her in public school. But since coming to YWAM Tyler, I have prayed first about every little thing. Or tried to! So one day I sat in the prayer chapel just seeking God for an answer about her schooling, while she read a book nearby. I even covered myself with a prayer scarf to focus in. Suddenly Halle shouts out, “I want to talk to you about a little girl in South Sudan!” At first I was confused. What little girl? Why? Then I remembered, one of our dear friends, someone HalleluYah looks up to, spoke to us about his heart for and the plight of those in South Sudan at a base prayer. The words she shouted out were almost visible in the air over our heads, and highlighted. This is how the Holy Spirit speaks to me sometimes. I knew this was my answer. She wanted to talk about South Sudan because she was at that base prayer, and heard the stories and knew the problems. I felt the burden to keep this conversation going, and to keep her in an environment of servanthood. Even with the relief that comes with an answer from God, I didn’t feel ready for the responsibility of her education, and I knew I didn’t have the energy for it. I wasn’t an entirely happy camper. I asked God for help. Actually, I said “Ok fine. But you’ll have to help me, because I can’t do this.” Eloquent, eh? So that answer came as easily too. One of our darling DTS students, Tracy, volunteered to tutor HalleluYah every afternoon. She had teaching experience in her native South Africa. So not only did I have help, but HalleluYah got to learn new ideas and skills in the prettiest accent! So I offered to donate money to Tracy’s outreach fund in exchange for tutoring. Tracy taught us some tricks to learning phonics that I’d never heard of before, and exercised extreme patience with my rambuncious 6 year old. They created little books together, HalleluYah exhibited a confidence boost in her reading, and they created a wonderful bond that was really heartwarming. Currently Tracy is on her outreach in Ecuador, growing in her walk with God and sharing the love of Jesus. Her help enabled me to feel comfortable in my role, and God really spoke to me about who I am as HalleluYah’s mother around the same time. One of the first lessons I did with HalleluYah was something I call Praying Around The World. Her prayer chapel shout-out inspired this idea. Here’s how it works: I tell HalleluYah to pray and ask God to tell her which nation to pray for. Then she identifies the nation on her globe, and draws it on a piece of paper. Then, she prays again and asks God what to specifically pray for. She draws a picture of what she sees on the map sheh time, I am absolutely floored by the accuracy in what she prays for. They are incredibly specific, detailed, and accurate. For instance one day she prayed for Japan. Not only did she draw a picture of nuclear meltdown aftermath, but she correctly drew it over Fukushima. HalleluYah is learning geography, social and economic issues, and the heart of God through this lesson. As she grows up and we continue to pray for the nations and travel various places, Halle will remember God’s desire and love for them – not just one-dimensional facts. Another great blessing we received to aid HalleluYah’s education is the use of a beautiful conference room in the Mercy Works building, right nex to the building I work in. It oberlooks the lake, has a whiteboard, large pull-doen mp, and best of all, no noise or distractions! My only other obstacle has been the number of friends HalleluYah has on base. So anywhere we go, there are friends – young and old – who see us and unknowingly interrupt our lesson with talking or play. Social interaction is NO problem here! So for the next 3 months at least (until my DTS starts) we’ll enjoy the Mercy Works room for schoolwork. Even after HalleluYah (most likely) starts public school during my DTS, we’ll continue to pray for the nations by listening and interceding. 

Here is schoolroom at Mercy Works:

This is the view from our window:

Today we prayed for Zambia. This was the first time I chose a nation. I decided on Zambia because the current DTS is sending missionaries in training to Zambia for their outreach phase. One of the DTS students is from Zambia so we also had him in mind. I looked up information about the country so HalleluYah learned about their culture too. Here is Halle’s drawing: (and yes we prayed for a little girl to find her teddy bear! Jesus cares for us in the small things too!)

This is Tracy:

Tracy and Halle:

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