Almond Flour Griddle Cakes

There’s a certain grocery store in town that is notoriously more expensive than the other (Yes, there’s only two), that will remain unnamed, although if you are from the South I am sure you can guess it. I routinely shop there just for the clearance section, where they stock items accidently shipped there, and not part of their regular inventory. It is always specialty items (considered so for a small Texas town anyway), like fancy olives or heirloom quinoa that you don’t have to rinse. Well, I got quite a haul on my last run, and I decided to use a couple of the items today to make these griddle cakes. The egg, almond, and low-glycemic nectar make for a filling, low carb combination. 
They are a cross between pancakes and okonomiyaki. I make these frequently, using different flours, usually calling them “eggy pancakes”. You can forego the vanilla, and add any savory ingredient you’d like, omelette-style, and drizzle them in yum-yum sauce or sriracha mayo. 

Here is the guideline, which made enough for two people. Yes, guideline, not recipe…I am incapable of measuring.


  • Finely ground almond flour or flour of your choice
  • liquid such as orange juice, coconut milk or other milk
  • vanilla
  • salt
  • baking soda
  • eggs
  • fat for the griddle
  • toppings – I used coconut nectar, but fruit, jam or Greek Gods yogurt are favorites.

Method: Heat griddle to 350 and grease if desired. Whisk two eggs and milk (about 1/4 cup) until fluffy with a whisk or chipsticks. Add salt, baking soda and vanilla, then add almond flour until it reaches a thick batter consistency. Cook  ’em up and top them any way you like.


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